Assignment - IV

  1. What is monostable multivibrator? Explain with the help of neat circuit diagram the principle of operation of monostable multivibrator, and derive the expression for pulse width. Draw the wave forms at collector and base of the both transistors.
    1. Draw and explain the operation of Collector coupled fixed bias bi-stable multivibrator with neat sketches.
    2. Write the applications bistable and monostable multivibrators.
    1. Draw the circuit diagram of Astable multivibrator. Explain its working with wave forms.
    2. Why collector catching diodes are used in multivibrators?
  4. Explain and explain the operation of Schmitt trigger with neat sketches, and derive the expressions for UTP and LTP.
  5. Design a collector couled fixed bias bistable multivibrator to operate from plus or minus6V supply.Given hfe= 35, Ic(sat)=1mA. Assume silicon transistor.
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