Assignment - II

    1. What is non-linear wave shaping? What is clipping ? Explain the operation of below mentioned circuits with circuit diagrams, transfer characteristics and waveforms
      1. Series positive clipper with and without VR.
      2. Shunt negative clipper with and without VR.
    2. For a 2-level clipper with peak input 100V and forward bias diode reference voltage 75V and reverse bias diode reference voltage 50V, sketch the transfer characteristics, input and output voltage waveforms. Consider the diodes as ideal.
  2. Explain the operation of transistor clippers (common emitter type and emitter follower type) with neat sketches.
    1. What is clamping operation? Explain the operation of biased positive peak clamper with output waveforms.
    2. What is the effect of source resistance and the diode resistance in clamping circuits?
    1. State and prove clamping circuit theorem.
    2. Draw the output waveform of a practical clamping circuit when a square wave is given as input. Derive the relation between  and in this case.
    1. What is synchronized clamping? Draw the circuit and explain its operation.
    2. Explain the operation of diode comparator. Briefly mention various applications of comparators.
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