Assignment - III

    1. How the minority carriers are distributed in a p-n junction diode during forward biased condition and the reverse biased condition.
    2. Draw the Ideal and piece wise linear model diode characteristics and explain.
    1. Explain the operation of a diode as switch with its switching characteristics. (which includes trr, ts and tt) What is reverse recovery time, storage time and transition time of a diode?
    2. Explain  Zener break down(Zener diode)  and Avalanche break down(PN junction diode) mechanisms.
    1. Explain the operation of a transistor as switch with its switching characteristics.
    2. Define the following for transistor switch
      1. Rise time
      2. Fall time
      3. Storage time
      4. Delay time
      5. Switch ON time
      6. Switch OFF time
    1. Explain the breakdown voltage consideration of transistor. Derive expression for BVCEO in terms of BVCBO.
    2. Explain the saturation parameters of transistor and their variations with temperature.
    1. Explain the operation of Silicon Controlled Switch (SCS) and give its applications.
    2. Calculate the min required for a fixed bias common emitter Si transistor, where VCC=10V, Rc= 1 K, Rb= 10 K, Vi= a square wave of 5V peak to peak.  Draw the circuit.
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