Assignment - I

    1. Derive the output equations and draw the output wave forms of a RC low pass circuit for the pulse and the square waveform inputs.
    2. How an RC low pass circuit works as an integrator?
    1. Derive the expression for percentage tilt P of a square wave output of a RC high pass circuit.
    2. Why compensation is required in attenuator circuits? Derive the expression for perfect compensation.
    1. A 100 Hz square wave is fed to an RC circuit. Calculate and plot the waveform under the following conditions, The lower 3-dB frequency is 1) 3Hz  2)  30Hz  3) 300Hz
    2. Derive expression for rise time in a RC low pass circuit.
    1. Derive the output equations and draw the output waveforms of a RC high pass circuit for the square wave and ramp signals as inputs.
    2. What is the amplitude and gain of a sinusoidal input in a RC high pass circuit?
    1. Explain how a high pass RC circuit works as a differentiator. Also, explain double differentiation. 
    2. Explain about RLC ringing circuit
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