EDC Unit - V Important Questions

  1. Explain the construction & operation of a N-channel MOSFET in enhancement and depletion modes with the help of static drain characteristics and transfer characteristics?
    1. Define rd, gm, and   of JFET.
      1. Analyze  CS amplifier with Fixed bias and find the operating point. 
      2. Find Zi, Zo, Av for fixed bias circuit RG = 1M, RD = 5.1K, VDD = 10V, VGS = -1.5V, gm = 2ms.
    1. Explain the operation of common drain amplifier with neat sketches and derive the equations for Zi , Zo and Av.
    2. Write the differences between BJT and FET.
    3. Explain why FET is called voltage controlled device.
    1. Explain channel length modulation in FETs.
    2. Explain the construction and operation of n-channel JFET with its drain  and transfer characteristics.
    1. The p-channel JFET has a IDSS = -12mA, VP = 5V and VGS = 1.6V. Calculate ID, gm and gm0
    2. Analyze CS amplifier with Voltage divider bias and find the operating point.
    1. Draw the  JFET small signal model.
    2. Draw the symbols of FET (JFET and MOSFET types).
    3. For n-channel silicon FET with a = 3 x 10-4 cm and ND = 1015 electrons/cm3 find pinch off voltage. 
    1. Draw A.C equivalent model for JFET Common source amplifier  with self bias (bypassed Rs) and find Zi, Zo and Av.
    2. Find Zi, Zo and Av of JFET Common source amplifier with fixed  bias with RG = 1M, VGG = -1.5V ,RD = 5.1K, gm = 2ms and rd = 50K.