EDC Unit - I Assignment

    1. Define cutin voltage and barrier potential.
    2. Derive the equation for Diode (Diode current equation) and discuss various parameters involved in the equation.
    1. Explain the construction and V-I characteristics of a tunnel diode with help of energy band diagrams.
    2. Find VT at 270C.
    3. Explain the basic structure of Varactor diode and explain its characteristics.
    1. Explain the V-I characteristics of PN diode in Forward bias and Reverse bias with  sketches.
    2. Calculate dynamic forward resistance of silicon PN junction diode when applied voltage is 0.25V at T = 270C with I0 = 2µA.
    1. Explain Zener diode characteristics in reverse bias.
    2. Explain the principle of operation of a photodiode and its function as a variable resistance device. Give its applications.
    1. Define the terms given below with required equations
      1. Diffusion current
      2. Drift current
      3. Reverse saturation current
    2. Explain Zener and Avalanche breakdown mechanisms with neat sketches.
  6. Explain the temperature dependence of  Diode characteristics.( with T effect on V and I0)
    1. Draw and explain the basic structure of SCR and its characteristics.
    2. Determine forward current in case of PN junction diode with I0 = 10µA, Vf = 0.8V, at T = 300k, Assume silicon diode.
    1. Derive the equation for transition capacitance CT.
    2. Explain diode equivalent circuits.