EDC Unit - III Assignment

    1. What is early effect ? how it it modify the V-I characteristics of BJT
    2. Calculate IC and IE for a transistor with αd.c = 0.99 and ICB0 = 5 microamps, I= 20 microamps
  2. Explain the input and output characteristics of common base configuration with neat sketches.
    1. Why CE circuit if preferred than CB and CC configurations
    2. Differences between CB, CE and CC configurations
  4. Explain the input output characteristics of common emitter configuration with neat sketches
    1. Relation between αd.c and βd.c
    2. A transistor operating in CB configuration has IC = 2.98 mA, I= 3 mA and IC0 = 0.01 mA. What current flow in the collector circuit, of this transistor when connected in CE configuration with base current of 30µA.
    1. Explain the input and output characteristics of common collector configuration with neat sketches.
    2. Calculate collector cureent, emitter current and β for transistor with αd.c = 0.995 and IC0 = 60 µA when base current IB = 100 µA.
  7. Determine the h-parameters of transistor CB, CE and CC configurations and draw its h-parameter model of each.
  8. Explain UJT structure and its characteristics with neat sketches.