EDC Unit - III Important Questions

    1. What is early effect?  Explain how it modifies the V-I characteristics of BJT.
    2. Calculate IC and IE for a transistor with d.c = 0.99 and ICB0 = 5 A, IB = 20 A.
    3. Explain the parameters which affect the operating point of BJT.
    4. Give the relation between d.c and d.c
    1. Why CE circuit is preferred than  CB and CC configurations
    2. Explain thermal runaway.
    1. Derive expression for AI, AV, Zi, Zo of a basic Transistor Amplifier Circuit using h - Parameters.
    2. What is the condition for stability.
    1. Explain construction, operation of UJT with its characteristics.
    2. Define operating point of BJT.
    3. Draw the h-model of Transistor CB, CE and CC configurations with relevant equations
    1. Explain input and output characteristics of the Transistor in common emitter configuration
    2. Draw the symbols of BJT (NPN and PNP)