Programming using arithmetic, logical and bit manipulation instructions of 8051


To write ALP for performing Arithmetic , Logical , Bit manipulation operations in 8051


1. ADS-SDA-51-STA kit
2. Microprocessor Power Supply
3. RS 232 Cable
5. Adapter, Keyboard, Cables, Connecting Wires Etc... 


For generating HEX file:

1. Check for Driver folder (if driver is in D drive)
2. Go to Command Prompt
3. Type d:   and Press enter (if driver is in D drive)
4. Type cd Driver and Press enter
5. Type cd x8051 and Press enter
6. Edit filename.asm Enter
7. Now a window appears in which you need to write the program and save it .
8. Go to file→Exit. You will return to command prompt
9. To check errors and generate .obj file Type x8051 and Press enter in the command prompt.
    a. Select the option  D and enter
    b. Select the option  Y  to generate cross-reference and enter
    c. Enter Input file name as: filename.asm
    d. Enter output filename as: filename.obj
10. Now the .obj file is generated and errors will be displayed
11. To link the file now type link and Press enter
    a. Enter input filename as: filename.obj
        b. To skip the entry of input, output and library files which are already c. added   press enter 3 times
        d. Enter offset address as: 0000
        e. Select the option H to generate .hex file
12. Hex file is generated and the length and memory address of hex file will be displayed. Now    note down the starting and ending address.

To observe the output:


1. Connect the 8051 kit to the processor of desktop with Rs232 cable and power supply to the 8051 Kit.
2. Open the TALK icon which is on desktop now Talk window appears.
3. In that window go to options → Target Board → 8051 → ok.
4. Go to options → Connect.
5. Press E on kit keyboard to activate serial port of the kit. Now ‘SERIAL PORT’ displays on the kit and ‘ALS 8051 STA’ displays on talk window.
6. Go to file → Download Hexfile. Select the HEX file which is generated by following the path D drive →driver → X8051 → filename.hex. Now I appears on TALk window to indicate that file is downloaded.
7. Type G and Starting address of HEX file and press enter.
8. Now program gets executed and register status will be displayed.
9. To generate opcode Press Z starting address of hex file and enter.

1. Arithematic operations:



org  9000h
;addition without carry
    mov a, #06h
    mov b, #09h
    add a, b
    mov r0, a
;Substraction with carry
    mov a, #08h
    subbc a, #03h
    mov r1, a
    mov a, #03h
    mov b, #06h
    mul ab
    mov r2, a
    mov a, #08h
    mov b, #03h
    div ab
    mov r3, a
    mov r4, b
;increment operation
    mov a, #03h
    inc a
    mov r5, a
;decrement operation
    mov r6, #07h
    dec r6
    lcall 0003h

2. Logical operations:

Program 1:


org  8000h
    mov r0, #0fh
    mov r1, #foh
    mov r2, #66h
; And operation
    mov a, #ffh
    anl a, r0
    mov r3, a
; Or operation
    mov a, #ffh
    orl a, r1
    mov r4, a
; Xor operation    
    mov a, 03h
    mov a, #ffh
    xrl a, r2
    mov r5, a
    lcall 0003h

Program 2:

org  9000h
; clear register A
    mov a, #0fh
    clr a
    mov r0, a
; swap nibbles of register A
    mov a, #56h
    swap a
    mov r1, a
; Complement the bit of register A
    mov a, #66h
    cpl a
    mov r2, a
; Rotate the register contents towards right     
    mov a, #63h
    rr a
    xrl a, r
    mov r3, a
; Rotate the register contents towards left     
    mov a, #43h
    rl a
    xrl a, r
    mov r4, a
    lcall 0003h

3. Bit manipulation operations:


org  9000h
    mov a, #ffh
    clr c    
;clear the carry flag
    anl c, acc.7
    mov r0, a
    setb c    
;set the carry flag
    mov a, #00h
    orl c, acc.5
    mov r1, a
    mov a, #ffh
    cpl acc, 3
    mov r2, a
    lcall 0003h


Arithmetic , Logical , Bit manipulation operations in 8051 were performed and opcode and register contents were noted.