Hardware Interfacing with  DSKTMS320C6713


Operating System – Windows XP

Constructor - Simulator

Software – Code Composer 3.1v,6713DSK  Diagnostics


TMS320C67XXDSP KIT  / example TMS320C6713DSP KIT 

USB cable  

Power Supply +5v  


1. Open code composer studio

2. Create a new project, give a meaningful name ,save into working folder, select target as  TMS320C6713,and select output file type is execution. out.

3. Click on file open new source file save it with .c extension in working folder and write .c- code for desired task.

4. Add c-file to project as a source [path source add files to project add c. file].

5. Add the linker command file hello .cmd.[path c.\ccstudio-v3.1\tutorial\dsk67/3\HELLO1\Hello.cmd]

6. Add the run time support library file rts6700.lib.[path c.\ccstudio-v.3.1\c600\cg           tools\lib\rts6700.lib].

7. Compile the program [path project compile file]

10. Build the program [path project build]

11.Connect the kit to the system through the USB cable

12. Then switch on the kit

13. And now check the DSK6713 diagnostics kit whether all the connections are  

   Made correctly or not

Checking kit connections are right or not


14. Then select [debug connect] on the cc studio window

15. Load the program [file load program]

16. Run the program [debug run].