What is Equi Join in SQL Server


In this article i will explain what is Equi Join in SQL Server.


In previous articles i explained what are joins, what is INNER JOIN in SQL Server, what is LEFT JOIN (or) LEFT OUTER JOIN in SQL Server,  what is RIGHT JOIN (or) RIGHT OUTER JOIN, what is FULL JOIN or FULL OUTER JOIN, and what is CROSS JOIN in SQL Server. Now i will explain what is Equi Join in SQL Server.


One column of first table can be mapped with a column of another table, such thing is called Equi Join.


select       *
from         Employee, Department
where        Employee.DepartmentID = Department.DepartmentID


select       *
from         Employee as E, Department as D
where        E.DepartmentID = D.DepartmentID


Equi Join and Inner Join are also same. Only the syntax differs.