Learn how to create your first Blazor project using .NET 5

To start building Blazor apps with .NET 5, download and install the latest .NET SDK from the Microsoft page.

Link: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/5.0

  • Open Visual Studio 2019
  • Click Create a new project.
  • Select Blazor App
  • Click Next
  • Enter Project name, such as BlazorAppDemo1
  • Click Create 
  • Select .NET 5.0 from the dropdown menu
  • Select Blazor WebAssembly App
  • Click Create
  • First Blazor project is ready.
  • Build Blazor project
  • Run the Blazor Project
  • You will see, Hello, world! page in the browser
  • Click on Fetch data in the sidebar
  • The page will display with sample data from the JSON file.