B.Tech. II Year I Sem. L T/P/D C
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Course Objectives: The objective of this lab is to teach the student basic drawing fundamentals in various civil engineering applications, specially in building drawing.

Course Outcomes: At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

Master the usage of Autocad commands for drawing 2D & 3D building drawings required for different civil engg applications.

  1. Introduction to computer aided drafting
  2. Software for CAD – Introduction to different softwares
  3. Practice exercises on CAD software
  4.  Drawing of plans of buildings using software
    1. Single storied buildings
    2. multi storied buildings
  5.  Developing sections and elevations for
    1. Single storied buildings
    2. multi storied buildings
  6. Detailing of building components like Doors, Windows, Roof Trusses etc. using CAD softwares
  7. Exercises on development of working drawings of buildings


  1. Computer Aided Design Laboratory by M. N. Sesha Praksh & Dr. G. S. Servesh – Laxmi Publications.
  2. Engineering Graphics by P. J. Sha – S. Chand & Co.
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