Principle of Civil and Structural Engineering Mid - I, September - 2014

1.Geodetic surveying is different from plane surveying because of = ________
  • Working from whole to part
  • curvature is taken into account
  • large area
  • None
Answer: B
2.The number of links in a 30m chain
  • 100
  • 150
  • 50
  • 75
Answer: B
3.The horizontal angle between the true meridian and a survey line is
  • Dip
  • Declination
  • Bearing
  • Azimuth
Answer: D
4.If the W.C.B of a line is 280030' the reduced bearing is
  • S 79030'W
  • N79030'W
  • E 79030'N
  • N 79030'W
Answer: B
5.The most commonly used set of theodolite operations are
  • Left face and right swing
  • Right face and Left swing
  • Left face and Left swing
  • Right face and right swing
Answer: C
6.The permanent adjustment of a theodolite includes
  • Adjustment of vertical circle index
  • elimination of parallax
  • a only
  • both a & b
Answer: A
7.The surface perpendicular to the direction of gravity is
  • level surface
  • horizontal surface
  • horizon
  • None
Answer: A
8.The angle of intersection of a contour and a rigid line is
  • 300
  • 600
  • 450
  • 900
Answer: D
9.The method of contouring most suitable for hilly terrain is
  • direct method
  • square method
  • Tachometric method
  • cross section method
Answer: D
10.The number of divisions for 1m of an ordinary leveling staff are
  • 100
  • 200
  • 400
  • 1000
Answer: B
11.The length of a survey line measures with a 20m chain was found to be 200m, when the chain was compared With a standard chain it was found to be 10 cm too long. The true length of the line is =_____________
Answer: 201m
12.The obstacle which obstructs vision but not chaining is a =________________________
Answer: Hill
13.The vertical angle between longitudinal axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle and horizontal is called = _________________
Answer: Dip
14.If the magnetic bearing of the sun at a place at noon in southern hemisphere is 1650, the magnetic declination at that place =____________.
Answer: 150E
15.The process of turning the telescope of the theodoloite over its supporting axis through 1800 in a vertical plane is called = _______________
Answer: Plunging or reversing or transisting
16.The space between two lenses of “Ramsden Eye Piece” =______________________
Answer: (2/3) * ΔΈ
17.The number of divisions for 1m of an ordinary leveling staff are = ___________________
Answer: 200
18.In direct method of contouring, the process of locating or identifying points lying on a contour is called ___________________
Answer: Vertical control
19.A _________________ is a combination of an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter.
Answer: Total station
20.GPS stands for ____________________________ .
Answer: Global Positioning System