Industrial Safety and Hazard Management Mid - I, September - 2014

1.What does safety infers
  • Men safety
  • Machine safety
  • Material safety
  • All the above
Answer: D
2.Why safety is important
  • Saving time
  • Saving resources
  • Saving environment
  • All the above
Answer: D
3.What does engineering ethics stands for
  • Framing self rules and regulations
  • Respecting self, others and systems
  • Instructing the junior staff to execute the task
  • Issuing memos during mistakes
Answer: B
4.Which gas is responsible for Bhopal disaster
  • MIS
  • MIC
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon Di-Oxide
Answer: B
5.Expand TLV
  • Turbulent level valve
  • Testing level valve
  • Threshold limit value
  • Turning level valve
Answer: C
6.What are toxicants
  • Fine steel plates, copper plates, plastic bags
  • Fine paint, waste water, domestic waste
  • Fine dust, vapors, gases, smoke, areal microbes
  • Fine paper, plastic sheet, polymer sheet
Answer: C
7.How toxicants entry can be prevented
  • Use of PPE
  • Use of proper systems
  • Use of proper machinery
  • All the above
Answer: D
8.What does industrial hygiene stands for
  • Effective maintenance of men, machine and material
  • Effective maintenance of municipal roads
  • Effective maintenance of pumping systems
  • Effective involvement in politics
Answer: A
9.What is fire triangle
  • Culmination of air, fuel and temperature
  • Fire having triangle shape
  • Blue fire
  • All the above
Answer: A
10.How can the fire be prevented
  • By cutting plants and shrubs
  • By sprinkling fuel
  • By spraying air
  • By cutting fuel, air, temperature
Answer: D
11.Differentiate organic and inorganic material in terms of fire and explosions____________________
Answer: Organic material has Carbon, Inorganic material doesn’t have carbon, Organic materials are combustible in nature in general.
12.Expand SAFETY in terms of industrial safety practices_______________________________
Answer: Systems Attitude Fundamentals Experience Training You
13.Mention one major accident recently happened in Andhra Pradesh________________________
Answer: Blast of GAIL pipe line
14.Chernobyl accident happened in the year________________________
Answer: 26th April 1986
15.What is the size of fugitive dust ________________________________
Answer: Less than 10 micro meters
16.Correlate industrial hygiene Vs occupational health___________________________________
Answer: Good industrial hygiene leads good occupational health
17.Beedi Vs Cigarette, which smoke is more toxic and why_______________________________
Answer: Cigarette is more toxic. Beedi has only tobacco, where as cigarette as tobacco as well as sooth of wrapped paper
18.Mention major areas of Industrial Hygiene__________________________________________
Answer: Path ways, procedures for cleaning and maintenance of machine, material
19.Differentiate fire and explosion____________________________________________________
Answer: Fire occurs when fuel, air and temperature culminates where as explosion is an extension of fire occurs when chemical reaction adds to fire
20.What is auto ignition ________________________
Answer: Self ignition of fuel