Finite Element Methods Mid - I, September - 2014

1.The determinant of an element stiffness matrix is always
  • One
  • zero
  • depends on size of [K]
  • Two
Answer: B
2.Example for plane stress problem is
  • Strip footing resting on soil mass
  • a thin plate loaded in a plane
  • a long cylinder
  • a gravity dam
Answer: B
3.The Force required to produce unit displacement is
  • Pressure
  • Traction
  • Stiffness
  • None
Answer: C
4.Discrete analysis covers
  • All 2-D trusses & frames
  • all 3-D trusses & frames
  • All 2-D and 3-D trusses & frames
  • no trusses; only frames
Answer: C
5.Displacement method of FEM for structural analysis gives
  • Stiffness matrix
  • flexibility matrix
  • Conductance matrix
  • mixed matrix
Answer: A
6.Transformation matrix relates structural coordinate system in element coordinate system with
  • Displacements
  • stresses
  • Stiffness coefficients
  • material properties
Answer: D
7.A singular stiffness matrix means
  • Unstable structure
  • one or more DOF are unrestrained
  • Wrong connectivity of elements
  • wrong solution expected
Answer: B
8.Determinant of assembled stiffness matrix before applying boundary conditions is
  • < 0
  • 0
  • > 0
  • depends on the problem
Answer: B
9.A 1-0 structural element is a
  • Truss element
  • beam element
  • pipe element
  • all of them
Answer: D
10.Meshing for 1-D elements is
  • Essential
  • optional
  • Reduces input data
  • depends on other data
Answer: B
11.The finite element method is _________________ procedure for analyzing structures and continuum.
Answer: Numerical
12.The principle of virtual work is given by ___________
Answer: ∂W=∂U
13.The coordinate system which is used to specify the points in the entire structure is known as ______________
Answer: Global coordinate system.
14.How many nodes have in a triangle _______________
Answer: 3
15.A triangular plane stress element has _______________D.O.F
Answer: 6
16.The plane stress problem is characterized by very ________________ dimensions in one of the normal directions.
Answer: Small
17.The stress strain relation for 1 D element is ________________
Answer: σ =Eε
18.In FEM the complex domain defining a continuum is divided into _______________
Answer: Elements
19.Stiffness matrix depends on __________________
Answer: Material and Geometry
20.The force required to produce unit displacement is ___________________
Answer: Stiffness