Estimating and Costing Mid - II, November - 2014

1.In the absence of detailed designs the percentage of reinforcement is assumed for column is = _______
  • 1 to 2
  • 1 to 5
  • 0.5 to 0.8
  • 0.7
Answer: B
2.The various methods of calculating depreciations are
  • Straight line method
  • Constant Percentage method
  • Sinking fund and Quantity survey method
  • All of the above
Answer: D
3.What is the top and bottom cover for slabs = __________
  • 12 to 20mm
  • 25 to 50mm
  • 25 to 40mm
  • all of the above
Answer: A
4.Min visibility at vertical curves for major district road (MDR) and other district roads(ODR)
  • 100m
  • 150m
  • 90m
  • 115m
Answer: B
5.What is the % of the EMD has to be deposited by all the tenders while submitting their tenders = _________________
  • 1
  • 0.5
  • 1.5
  • 0
Answer: C
6.___________is a sort of fine for non-fulfillment of terms of contract.
  • Profit
  • Loss
  • Penalty
  • None
Answer: C
7._______________ is a process of ascertaining the fair price value or value of property at a specified time.
  • Valuation
  • Cost
  • Price
  • Gross Income
Answer: A
8.In absence of detailed design for foundation raft, footing the percentage for steel concrete may be taken approximately as
  • 0.7to 1%
  • 1 to 2 %
  • 1 to 5%
  • 0.5 to 0.8%
Answer: D
9.The quantity of materials, proportion of mortar and workmanship which are described in = __________
  • Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Contract
  • Measurement book
Answer: B
10.Mud phuska terracing will be suitable in hot dry regions where the rain fall does not exceed __________ cm per annum.
  • 50
  • 60
  • 80
  • 130
Answer: D
11._____________ additional length is required for bent up bars on both sides.
Answer: 0.90 d
12.The main types of leases are ____________.
Answer: Building lease, occupation lease,
13.At the time of execution of the contract agreement, the successful tender has to deposit a further sum _____________ % of the contract amount to the deposit.
Answer: 0.01
14.Write the types of specifications ______________.
Answer: General or Brief specification and Detailed Specification
15.When the life of the building is over, after its utility period, the dismantled material such as bricks, timber, steel, etc will fetch certain amount is called __________.
Answer: Scrap value
16.The max spacing of purlins ____________ in the case of 7 mm thick sheet.
Answer: 1.6 m (5’3”)
17.______________ is an assessment of the physical wear and tear of a building or property or equipment and is depends upon its condition, maintenance and made of use.
Answer: Depreciation
18.For slab the end of or side covers for steel bar may be taken as _____________ cm and the bottom and top covers may be taken as _________________ cm.
Answer: 4 to 5, 1.2 to 2
19.Bricks shall be fully soaked in clean water by submerging in tank for a period of __________ hrs immediately before use.
Answer: 12
20.In trench filling the thickness of the filled up with earth layer is ____________ cm
Answer: 15