Estimating and Costing Mid - I, September - 2014

1.To calculate the quantities in individual wall method the quantities are multiplying the
  • L*b*h
  • l*b
  • b*h
  • l*b
Answer: A
2.Longwall length out to out =
  • Centre to centre length – b/2 –b/2
  • Centre to centre length + b/2 +b/2
  • Centre to centre length + b/2 –b/2
  • Centre to centre length – b/2 +b/2
Answer: B
3.What is the nominal size of standard modular tile =
  • 19cmX9cmX9cm
  • 20cmX10cmX10cm
  • 19cmX9cmX4cm
  • 20cmX10cmX5cm
Answer: C
4.__________ methods are commonly adopted in connection with structures specially masonry works
  • Out-to-out and in-to-in method
  • cross method
  • centre line method
  • all of the above
Answer: D
5.The lining is provided in canals for
  • Increase the velocity of flow
  • reduce the seepage
  • both a&b
  • None
Answer: C
6.The sectional area can be worked out by the formula=___________
  • (Sum of parallel sides /2)* depth or height
  • (Sum of parallel sides /(2* depth)
  • depth/(2*Sum of parallel sides)
  • Sum of parallel sides * depth or height
Answer: A
7.The expected out turn of cement concrete of 1:2:4 per mason per day is
  • 1.5 m3
  • 3.0 m3
  • 5.0 m3
  • 7.5 m3
Answer: C
8.Estimate expected to be least accurate is_______
  • supplementary estimate
  • plinth area estimate
  • detailed estimate
  • revised estimate
Answer: B
9.In specification of earth work in foundation trenches, drains etc., lift ordinarily specified is
  • 30m
  • 1.5m
  • 5m
  • 3m
Answer: B
10.While estimate for lintels over openings, if the dimension for bearing is not given, the bearing is usually taken equal to
  • half the thickness of outer or 12 cm whichever is higher
  • thickness of lintel with a min of 12 cm
  • twice the thickness of lintel with a min of 12 cm
  • None
Answer: B
11._______________ is the actual size of the standard modular brick.
Answer: 19cmx9cmX9cm
12.The quantity of earth work in cutting or filling required for the construction of roads, railways or canal is known as=______________________.
Answer: Earthwork
13.Write the formula to find the quantity by using the prismoidal formula method=___________
Answer: (L/6)*A1+ A2+ 4Am
14.The determination of the rate per unit of a particular work, from the cost of quantities of materials, the cost of laboures and other miscellaneous expenses require for its completion is know as=____________
Answer: Analysis of rate
15.The average distance between the borrow pit and the place of placing soil is called = ___________
Answer: Lead
16.Detailed drawing is not necessary required for ___________ estimate.
Answer: Rough cost
17.According to ISI method of measurement the _______________ is measured and quoted first and the height in the end.
Answer: Length
18.In the analysis of rates ___________ % profit is permitted for the contractor.
Answer: 10
19.The trapezoidal formula for measuring volume is based on the assumption that the end sections are ____________ to each other.
Answer: Square
20.Number of bricks of size 20cmX10cmX10cm required for 100 cubic meters of masonry wall is=____________
Answer: 50000