DSP Processors and Architecture Mid - I, September - 2014

1.The anti-aliasing filter ensures that the signal to be sampled doesn’t contain any frequency ___________ the sampling frequency.
  • Equal to
  • greater than half
  • double
  • lower than half
Answer: B
2.The discrete Fourier Transform, or DFT, is used to transform _________
  • Time domain sequence to frequency domain sequence
  • Frequency domain sequence to Time domain sequence
  • Vice versa
  • None of the above
Answer: A
3.___________ pipeline delays the progression of the latter of the conflicting instructions through the pipeline.
  • Intermediate
  • Interrupt
  • Interlocking
  • Instruction
Answer: C
4.Floating point format ________ the speed of a DSP Computation
  • Increased
  • Reduces
  • Maintains
  • Doubles
Answer: B
5.The range of signed fraction that can be represented with fixed point format is____
  • 1 to 1-2-(n-1)
  • 1 to 1+2(n-1)
  • -1 to 1-2-(n-1)
  • -1 to 1+2(n-1)
Answer: C
6.___________ is the minimum value that can be represented using a number representation format
  • Prediction
  • Resolution
  • Dynamic range
  • Both A & B
Answer: B
7.The error in A/D and D/A in the representation of analog signals by the limited number of bits is called _______________
  • Rounding-off error
  • Representation error
  • Conversion error
  • Quantization error
Answer: D
8.Hardware loop takes ________ times lesser time to execute, than Software
  • 3 Times
  • 1/3 Times
  • 3n Times
  • 3n Times
Answer: A
9.The processor register provides operand in _______ addressing mode
  • Direct
  • Register Indirect
  • Immediate
  • Register
Answer: D
10.The data for FFT is accessed by __________ mode
  • Index
  • Immediate
  • Bit-reversed index
  • Register
Answer: C
11.Shift of several bits in a single cycle can be accomplished by using ________________________
Answer: Barrel Shifter
12.________________ is the amount of time between an interrupt occurring and the processor doing something in response to it.
Answer: Interrupt latency
13.The interpolation involves _____________ samples with appropriate consideration to samples.
Answer: Inserting
14.The signal at the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) input is called as __________________.
Answer: Sampled-data signal
15.Dynamic range of a signal is defined as ________________________________.
Answer: Maximum Value / Minimum Value
16.A sequence that repeats is called as a __________________ sequence.
Answer: Periodic
17.A _________________ loop is one loop placed within another.
Answer: Nested
18.Implementation of a floating point numbers multiplication, it must contain _______________ for mantissa.
Answer: Multiplier
19._________________ is a technique for increasing the performance of the processor by breaking a sequence of instruction into pieces.
Answer: Pipelining
20._____________ are used to scale-down or scale-up operands and results to avoid errors.
Answer: Shifters