GridView control FAQ's

Q: What is GridView control?


  • It is introduced from ASP.Net 2.0.
  • It can present the information in the from of rows and columns.
  • Each row of gridview control is represented by gridview row object, all rows are maintained in the form of row collection.
  • All columns of gridview controls are maintained in the form of colums collection.

Q: What are the operations supported by GridView control? 

Ans: Edit, delete, sorting and paging.

Q: What are the operations not supported by GridView control? 

Ans: insert

Q: What are the field available in the gridview for customization?


  • BoundField: This will diaplay the text based on dataset table columns,this is default field
  • TemplateField: This allows placing webserver controls into gridview.
  • ButtonField: This provide special type of buttons into gridview .
  • Ex: select, edit, delete
  • ImageField: This allows display image in gridview control.