DataList control FAQ's?

Q: What is DataList control?


  • It is introduced from 1.0
  • It is used to generate the reports accroding to requirements
  • Records can be shown to the user horizontaly or verticaly
  • To bind the data with control we neeed to make use of templates

Q: What are the different types of templates available in the Datalist control?


  1. HeaderTemplate: It is used to bind data with header part of the datalist control.
  2. ItemTemplate: It is used  to bind data with item in datalist control.
  3. AlternatingItemTemplate: It is used to bind data with alternate items of datalist control.
  4. SeperateTemplate: It is used to provide seperator between items in datalist.
  5. FooterTemplate: It is used to provide some footer to the datalist control.

Q: What are the operations supported by DataList control?

Ans: Edit, Delete.

Q: What are the operations not supported by DataList Control?

Ans: Paging, Insert.