Query String FAQ's

Q: What is Query string?


Definition 1: A query string is information that is appended to the end of a page URL.



Definition 2: Attaching required data to header part of HttpRequest is called as query string.

Q: What type of data can transmitted by using query string?

Ans: Only simple plain text can be transmitted.

Q: How much amount of data can be transmitted through query string?

Ans: 2kb of data.

Q: What are the disadvantages of query string?


  • It can be used only with in the destination page 
  • Only plain text can be transmitted
  • Only 2kb of data can be transmitted
  • Data is visible so that it will be unsecured

Q: Where can we use query string values in website?

Ans: Only in destionation page.

Q: Where the memory for query string is allocated?

Ans: No where, data will be transmitted along with request.