You are a database developer for a lumber company. 
You are performing a one-time migration from a flat-file database to SQL Server 2000. 
You export the flat-file database to a text file in comma-delimited
The text file is shown in the Import file exhibit button.
1111, ‘*4 Interior’, 4, ‘Interior Lumber’, 1.12
1112, ‘2*4 Exterior’, 5, ‘Exterior Lumbar’, 1.87
2001, ‘16d galvanized’,2, ‘Bulk Nails’, 2.02
2221, ‘8d Finishing brads’,3, ‘Nails’, 0.01

You need to import this file into SQL Server tables named Product and Category. The product and category tables are shown in the product and Category Tables exhibit.

You want to import the data using the least amount of administrative effort. 
What should you do

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