How can we navigate from one view to other view using hyperlink?

HTML Links
The easiest way to render an HTML link in is to use the HTML.ActionLink() helper.

With MVC, the Html.ActionLink() does not link to a view. It creates a link to a controller action.

Razor Syntax:

@Html.ActionLink("About this Website", "About")
ASP Syntax:

<%=Html.ActionLink("About this Website", "About")%>
The first parameter is the link text, and the second parameter is the name of the controller action.

The Html.ActionLink() helper above, outputs the following HTML:

About this Website
The Html.ActionLink() helper as several properties:

Property  Description
.linkText  The link text (label)
.actionName  The target action
.routeValues  The values passed to the action
.controllerName  The target controller
.htmlAttributes  The set of attributes to the link
.protocol  The link protocol
.hostname  The host name for the link
.fragment  The anchor target for the link
Note: You can pass values to a controller action. For example, you can pass the id of a database record to a databa