// enumFlags.cs
// Using the FlagsAttribute on enumerations.
using System;

public enum CarOptions
      SunRoof = 0x01,
      Spoiler = 0x02,
      FogLights = 0x04,
      TintedWindows = 0x08,

class FlagTest
      static void Main()
            CarOptions options = CarOptions.SunRoof | CarOptions.FogLights;

Output is?

You can use an enumeration type to define bit flags, which enables an instance of the enumeration type to store any combination of the values that are defined in the enumerator list.

You create a bit flags enum by applying the System.FlagsAttribute attribute and defining the values appropriately so that AND, OR, NOT and XOR bitwise operations can be performed on them. In a bit flags enum, include a named constant with a value of zero that means "no flags are set." Do not give a flag a value of zero if it does not mean "no flags are set".