1.  While developing a web portal, I had following scenario for transferring from one page to another page –

CASE 1 - I want to transfer from one page to another page on same server.

CASE 2 - Second transfer needed for one server to another server.

My Constraints are as follows:

  1. In case 1, I want to display some confirmation message for activity done on previous page like “Password changed successfully”
  2. I need to take care of security too in both of the cases.
  3. Bookmarking is a must in Case 2

Please, suggest me the best way to achieve the above -

As server.Transfer can preserve the form, this can display your activity confirmation message. Redirect can do it too, but not by preserving the state. Case2: In Server.transfer, the transfer is at server side..so URL can be unknown.. so cannot bookmark. Thus only Response.Redirect can be used.